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We Create Confident Orators.
Nurturing Public Speaking Skills.

Public speaking is not merely about delivering speeches; it goes beyond that. It is about conveying ideas, emotions, and knowledge effectively to an audience. For kids, housewives, and working professionals alike, mastering public speaking can lead to transformative experiences.

The ability to communicate confidently and effectively in front of an audience can open doors to various opportunities, boost self-esteem, and inspire personal growth.

“The earlier you start, the easier it gets”.

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Kid's Public Speaking Skills
Public Speaking Expert
About us

Every individual is unique. We empower them to shine in their own way

Everyone has his own strengths, interests, and learning styles. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone can develop public speaking skills according to his unique abilities and interests. We tailor our approach to accommodate the uniqueness of each individual.  

Training methodology

Building the momentum of English Speaking Culture

Our methodology is engaging, age-appropriate and effective. Flexibility and adaptability are key in our training methodology. We are responsive to the needs and progress of each individual, and always open to adjust our approach based on the individual requirement. Designed to help individuals realize their potential. 

Why us

The best early learning experience and specialization

We are preferred choice for ones who are seeking to nurture their public speaking skills and build a Confident English Speaking culture.


Learn the art of articulation


Confident speaker with continuous practice


Overcome stage fright


Focussed thought process and writing

Daily activities

Today's Reader is Tomorrow's Leader

Story Building

This helps them practice organizing their thoughts, using descriptive language, and engaging their audience.

Preparing for Debates

Organizing friendly debates where child can explore different viewpoints, learn to construct persuasive arguments and engage in respectful discourse with others.

Speech Practice

Encouraging them to research, outline key points, and practice their delivery, focusing on voice projection, clarity, and gestures.

Show and Tell

This improves their ability to speak in front of an audience and express their ideas clearly.

Discussion Sessions

This allows them to express their opinions, listen to others, and practice articulating their thoughts in a conversational setting.

Role Play

This activity helps them develop versatility and adaptability in their speaking abilities.

Our Work Speaks

Pooja Hans
Pooja Hans
Best class to improve your interpersonal skill
Anamika Singh
Anamika Singh
Great and friendly trainer who is providing training with the best and interesting way without making it boaring.... loved the sessions
Nalini Balasubramaniyam
Nalini Balasubramaniyam
Attending an extra-curricular activity class has been a wonderful experience for my son. It has helped him build new skills. The instructor has unique and interactive teaching style. My son has thoroughly enjoyed every session of the class and has never missed a single one. The activities that were included in the curriculum were innovative and engaging. The instructor ensured that every child was actively participating in the activities and offered personalized attention. My son has learned new skills such as story building and putting words to his thoughts. He has also learned how I have seen a remarkable improvement in my son's confidence and overall personality since he started attending this extra-curricular activity class. He is now more comfortable expressing himself and participating in group activities. This class has not only helped him develop new skills but has also helped him in his overall personality development. In conclusion I highly recommend this extra-curricular activity class to all parents who want their children to engage in productive and enjoyable activities outside of school. The instructor's unique teaching style combined with innovative activities has made this class a memorable experience for my son and I am sure that it will benefit every child who attends it.
Amrita Sinha
Amrita Sinha
arihant learned and enjoyed alot from this session.
Varun bhardwaj
Varun bhardwaj
Ekta Gera
Ekta Gera
Gunjan is a Amazing Trainer. My daughter had a wonderful experience of learning through her. 💯 Recommended
Alpana Conlan
Alpana Conlan
Navjot Sandhu
Navjot Sandhu
I’m extremely happy with my experience with learnifyU .The curriculum is well structured & the instructor provide valuable feedback to help you progress.Definitely 5 star.
Abhishek Srivastava
Abhishek Srivastava
I can't recommend this English speaking center enough! The instructor is amazing, and the classes are interactive and engaging. I've seen a significant improvement in my daughter's speaking skills since joining. 5 stars all the way!"

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